Welcome to !  We are part of the ManyWorks Design Studio and provide web and graphic design services to businesses.

Note: Jay is the process of retiring and is accepting new customers only for especially interesting projects!



We provide commercial photography and image editing services for print and web applications.  Photoshoots can be done either at our studio in or at your location.



engineers design web sites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  The minimalist principles of Feng Shui are followed, providing a user interface that is easy to navigate and fast to load.  Customers are primarily individuals and small businesses that are artistically fun to work with.  We no longer do eCommerce sites due to time and complexity.



We can provide javascript source for any client environment.  Our clients demand fast, small, browser independent software that uses no Flash or similar technologies.  As a result we have a large amount of existing javascript functions implemented, and can also create new software to your specifications.