has developed libraries that provide cross browser support for most of the common functions a web site needs, with especial focus on areas where browsers are incompatible with each other.  For example, having one image fade into another, as with a slide show, requires one or more of the following CSS statements applied to the <IMG> statement depending on the browser:

  • filter:alpha(opacity=100);
  • -moz-opacity:100;
  • opacity:100;
  • filter:blendTrans(duration=1.5);



A line drawing package using one image per line color and html and css/style statements generated by javascript.  See demo here: Clock  and Line Demo.


Our services include:



We have created and tested functions that work correctly across all browsers.  The functions provide interfaces catering to what we are trying to accomplish (fade an image or show a slide show) and take care of the underlying cross browser complexity. 



Functions are grouped together in libraries based on functionality, such as manipulation of images, manipulation of forms, manipulation of text, software test and debug tools, etc.  Functions and related variables are named such that they won't interfere with your own software.



Need something implemented in javascript that we haven't already created?  We have the expertise to create just about anything that is possible.



Our software can be licensed on either a royalty or simple fee basis depending on your needs.